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Who is Grim'Art ?

Grim'Art isthe specialist of handcraft leather stationery and material for calligraphy.

Grim Art offers handmade leather journals, guest books, photo albums, address books, diaries and also bags, calligraphy boxes, inks, cards, paper, pens ...

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Marie-Laure Naudet

In 2021, Grim Art shop celebrates 19 years. Thank you for your fidelity.


Grim’Art is situated in the passage Saint André (cour du commerce Saint André) which is accessible since 59/61 rue Saint André des Arts and also by the boulevard Saint Germain to the exit of the subway Odéon.This charming row of courses (kept its paved alleys, its houses of the 18th century, its fragments of surrounding wall of the Middle Ages it has replaces in 1776 the ditches of the surrounding wall of Philippe Auguste: houses date this period.Dr Guillotin finalized his machine at number 9. In 8 was « l’Ami du peuple » of Marat's printing office. In n°4 a house integrated the base of a tower of the former surrounding wall. Sainte Beuve lived in n°2. From there, we reach the small Cour de Rohan, in fact constituted by three small courts: the one possesses a fragment of the surrounding wall of Philippe Auguste, the other one kept a hotel and a forged tripod serving to get on horse.

History Creation of Art.Isanat  by Marie-Laure Naudet in October 2000 which will become Grim’Art in 2001. Grim’Art comes from mixture of the words « grimoire » (book of magic spells) and " art/artisanal ", articles  being handmade.

The market study was made by the distribution of these articles to stationeries and photographers, company gifts and during eight exhibitions.

Seen the success of its articles, Grim'Art created its web site in 2001 and opened his first shop in March, 2002, in full historic district of Paris.

Grim' Art is a registered trademark.

Our knowledge

Grim’Art proposes you notebooks, diaries,  photo albums  handmade with leather and also bags, calligraphy and a lot of  presents.Grim’Art is a sole agent on France of a big part of the collection. We also propose you articles made by quality craftsmen in France, Italy, Germany and Belgium.The covers of our diaries are handmade with leather, middle-leather or wood and leather. Most of the skins are treated according to craft methods in the biggest environmental protection: the tanning is made with natural products such as extracts of barks.The small wrinkles and light imperfections are the distinguishing features of a product which embellishes in time. Every article is unique due to its color, the grain of the skin or small defects which are him to propose and the motive for two articles of the same reference can vary slightly, what makes that you will never have exactly the same product as another person.

We can personalize your Grim'Art refillable leather diary with 1, 2 or 3 initials for 3 euros


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